The Dancing

Love & Appreciation to our Guest Dance Instructors!

Shane Allen has poured his heart into Lindy Hop for over a decade, since he did his first swing outs in Houston, TX’s historic Eldorado Ballroom. Built on his career as a professional jazz pianist, Shane’s understanding of the music’s history is exceptional; communicating the depth and relevance of jazz as social dance music is central to his teaching. Based in Eugene, OR he has taught hundreds of Lindy Hop classes with Track Town Swing, led dance musicality workshops at Herräng Dance Camp (Sweden) and Century Ballroom (Seattle) and leads several of Oregon’s most popular dance bands (The Stealin’ Apples, Stomp Off Party, The Fat Dandelions, Summertime Swingtet).

Julia Clark is based out of rural Humboldt County where the partner dance scene is small but vibrant. She took her first swing class in 2014 which sparked a passion for the gracefully silly dance. After a few years of Lindy-Hop-centric dancing, Julia was introduced to Collegiate Shag and quickly fell in love with the energetic style. She learns most of her Collegiate Shag by traveling to events in larger cities or by studying YouTube videos. Julia has been teaching Collegiate Shag in Humboldt since 2018, and is always stoked for the opportunity to enlist more Collegiate Shag enthusiasts.

Alisa discovered her passion for Lindy Hop while attending physical therapy school. Dancing was the perfect outlet after long hours spent studying. In her first Collegiate Shag class, she fell head over heels for the dance style.
Attending events like Camp Hollywood provided her with opportunities to learn from shag all-stars such as Ryan Martin, Stephen Sayer, and Chandrae Roettig.

In 2018, Alisa began teaching with Swing Dancing San Diego. After relocating closer to her Humboldt County hometown, she now teaches at Monday Night Swing in Arcata, CA, which also hosts small yet lively weekly social dance.

JOHNNY OCHOA is a dancer, instructor, choreographer, promotor, and dj. He began swing dancing in 1997 and has been instructing since 2000.  He teaches Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and 6 count swing. Students constantly comment on how much fun he is in class and how much they enjoy his teaching and attitude towards swing dancing.  He was a member of The San Francisco Jitterbugs, a professional dance troupe that performed all over the West Coast to standing ovations. All of this has helped make his Tuesday night swing dance in downtown Sacramento a huge success and the longest running swing night in Northern California.  For more information on Johnny, his lessons, and dances, go to SacTownSwings.